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BBQDaddy Cutting Board Oiling Wax



BBQDaddy Amazing All Natural Cutting Board And Seasoning Wax

Handmade | Small Batch| Artisan

No mineral oil  | No Palm Oil

Made with Coconut Oil, all natural chemical free beeswax and orange oil.

4 ounce tin that includes waxing pad

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What Does BBQDaddy Board Wax Do?

Moisturizes And Conditions

BBQDaddy wood oil and wax will recondition your cutting board’s natural oil content and bring out the rich and beautiful colors of wood grain.

Seals And Protects

Beeswax and coconut oil work together to create a moisture barrier. This bond seals and protects your cutting board.

It will reduce the appearance of knife marks and make your cutting board quick and easy to use and clean up.

Resists Odors And Staining

An unseasoned board will quickly pick up odors and staining from robust and colorful foods. BBQDaddy wax helps eliminate these problems while providing a pleasant ,subtile and appetizing scent to your board. No more funky smells in the area you store your board.

Increases Lifespan

Regularly seasoning your kitchen wood products will increase their lifespan by many years. BBQDaddy Board wax is quick and easy to use. Just apply once or month or as needed.

Works on all unfinished woods,bamboo and utensils.


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