BBQDaddy Firestarter For Wood And Charcoal


Wood Fired Oven Fuel Kit For Portable Pizza Ovens



Each Kit Comes with

A selection of approximately 5″ premium rustic styled kindling (approx. 10 lbs) to fit most portable ovens

A package of BBQDaddy firestarter sticks to light 20 wood fires for cooking (19.95 value)

A selection of premium hardwoods for fuel and authentic woodfired flavors.



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Get everything you need to cook with fire in your portable oven with the BBQDaddy Premium Assorted Hardwood Cooking Kit. This kit includes a package of BBQDaddy firelighters, rustic assorted hardwood kindling and varied hardwoods to build and maintain a fire that will add subtle, smoky flavors to any meal while powering the oven. These sustainably-sourced hardwood  pieces are created to fit the fuel tray of most portable wood fired ovens. This kit will give you a faster, hotter cook for perfect pizzas.

Combine the BBQDaddy firelighters, select rustic hardwood kindling and assorted sized hardwood fuel in the fuel tray or firebox of your woodfired oven. Build and maintain a perfect sized fire that will add subtle, smoky flavors to any meal cooked in the oven.

These reclaimed sustainably-sourced hardwood pieces are perfect sized for most portable wood fired ovens. They specially dried for ease of lighting while retaining the flavors of the wood for a faster, hotter cook. Kiln dried wood in many cases burns very quickly and removes the wood fired flavor profile from your meal.

This premium fuel kit for portable woodfired ovens and comes in a single box. There is enough fuel included for several cooks eliminating the need to store large bags in your condo or apartment.

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